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The Start of Our 2015 Team

June 13, 2015

Our goal is to have between 20 and 25 runners at each level, and right now seventh grade is in great shape. We still need more eighth graders to sign up. Talk to your friends about joining, and make sure you turn in your registration form to Coach Miller. If you don't see your name on the left it means Coach Miller hasn't received your registration form. We want as much of our team as possible to sign up for Endurance Camp, as well, so we've indicated who was signed up so far. Last year almost 90% of our team participated in Endurance Camp.

On the right is our "Most Wanted" list that indicates the top ten runners at each level along with the number of runners we currently have at that level. If you know someone on our "Most Wanted" please talk to them to see if they are interested in running for us this upcoming season. If they are in another sport that conflicts with cross country let Coach Miller know so we will know not to contact them. Keep up the great recruiting!

Joined Cross Country
Joined Another Sport

7th Grade Girls
16 currently on team

Helena Kleronomos
Sara Klemm
Gwen Soles
MacKenzie Senffner
Karissa Brown
Nikki Vergara
Emmah Moyer
Natalee Penland
Isabella Franz
Tayhler Scrachta

7th Grade Boys
21 currently on team

Ivan Westcott
Jack Certa
Colin Kachlic
Matthew Angerame
Gerio Fragale
Danny Harker
Logan Laughrey
Nathan Sandon
Carter Maciejewski
Max Pescola

8th Grade Girls
12 currently on team

Rachel Hunter
Ashley Berry
Erin Doles
Lexi Sandon
Amber Dasenbock

8th Grade Boys
11 currently on team

Ben Stemmet
Nick Stemmet
TJ Laurich
Collin Bowers
Cameron Wiley
Nathan Batres
Henry Dopart
Christian Halsey
Brandon Kocina
Henry Walton


Current Roster

Aiden Rhody
Alex Badus
Alexandria Meyers
Alexis Nelson
Andy Cox
Anna Titus
Austin Hunter
Austin Popplewell
Bobby Page
Brett Rhodes
Cade Grimaldi
Caleb Gulbro
Cassie Kingsmill
Cole Ferguson  
Colin Kachlic
Colin Kieffer
Corey Kramer
Danny Harker
Ethan Castilla
Evan Borneman
Evan May
Hailey Simmons  
Hannah Wolf
Helena Kleronomos
Hunter Reyes
Isabella Franz  
Ivan Westcott
Jared Zeinstra
Jazmin Russell
Julia Gibbs  
Kara Mangione
Karissa Brown
Katie Flack
Lauren Bell
Madison Grandys
Mady Klebenow
Maggie Krider
Mark Mattson
Max Pescola
Natalee Penland  
Nate Turner
Nicholas Gerakaris
Nikki Vergara
Olivia Ross
Paige Loos
Peyton Tiseth
Riley Hayes
Riley O'Connor
Samantha Moreno
Sara Klemm
Sarah Pankow
Shawn Williams
Tayhler Srachta
Tori Cavey
Tyler Black
Tyler Jensen
Vince Bartlett
Zach Egert
Zach Mays

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