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2015 Endurance Camp Time Trial

July 27, 2015

Today was our end-of-the-summer time trial for Endurance Camp. We still have two more days of camp, but summer is quickly coming to an end. Cross country practice will start for YMS on Monday, but we'd like to recognize some runners from this year's camp first.

Age-Division Winners

2015 Yorkville Endurance Camp Age Division WinnersThe time trial was split up into three races. The 5th and 6th graders all ran together in the first race. Fifth grade runner Brody Williams and sixth grade runner Bryce Ward traded the lead for a bit, but Brody ended up winning the race with a time of 6:34. Bryce was right behind with a time of 6:39. Anna Hunter, who has been the age-division winner for the past three time trials at Endurance Camp, was the top sixth grade girl with a time of 7:14. Gabi Mays was the top fifth grade girl with her time of 7:37.

The 7th and 8th grade girls ran next, and with previous time trial winner Rachel Hunter not in attendance there was a big pack in front vying for the win. Seventh grader Helena Kleronomos battled with eighth graders Jazmin Russell and Samantha Moreno for most of the race. Helena came out with the victory in 6:27 with Jazmin and Sam finishing in 2nd and 3rd with times of 6:37 and 6:42.

The last race of the day was the 7th and 8th grade boys race. Seventh grader Ivan Westcott led the race most of the way and finished with a time of 5:49. Eighth grader Peyton Tiseth also finished under six minutes with a time of 5:59 and was followed closely by fellow eighth graders Gary Ronning in 6:02 and Mark Mattson in 6:03.

Time Trial P.R.'s

P.R. stands for "personal record" and we always want to recognize runners who run their best times. The following runners ran a faster time today compared to the beginning of the summer or last summer if they didn't run the first time trial.

Alexandria Meyers, 8th Grade - 7:07 (Start of Summer: 7:20)
Alexis Nelson, 7th Grade - 7:22 (Start of Summer: 8:12)
Anna Hunter, 6th Grade - 7:14 (Start of Summer: 7:38)
Anneliese Wolf, 5th Grade - 8:12 (Start of Summer: 8:37)
Ariana Meyers, 5th Grade - 8:18 (Start of Summer: 8:55)
Ashley Hatch, 8th Grade - 7:49 (Start of Summer: 7:54)
Ben Burton, 7th Grade - 8:11 (Start of Summer: 8:42)
Brett Skalnik, 5th Grade - 7:48 (Start of Summer: 8:25)
Brody Williams, 5th Grade - 6:34 (Start of Summer: 7:00)
Bryce Ward, 6th Grade - 6:39 (Start of Summer: 7:22)
Cade Grimaldi, 7th Grade - 6:19 (Start of Summer: 6:25)
Caleb Gulbro, 8th Grade - 6:50 (Last Summer: 8:14)
Corey Kramer, 8th Grade - 6:42 (Start of Summer: 7:18)
Dillan Black, 5th Grade - 8:21 (Start of Summer: 8:51)
Emma Jasutis, 5th Grade - 7:41 (Start of Summer: 8:30)
Erik Mattson, 6th Grade - 8:18 (Start of Summer: 8:42)
Evan May, 7th Grade - 6:41 (Start of Summer: 6:50)
Evan Borneman, 7th Grade - 7:12 (Start of Summer: 8:35)
Gabi Mays, 5th Grade - 7:37 (Start of Summer: 8:38)
Gary Ronning, 8th Grade - 6:02 (Start of Summer: 6:12)
Gus Bruck, 6th Grade - 7:05 (Start of Summer: 7:28)
Hannah Wolf, 8th Grade - 7:21 (Start of Summer: 7:38)
Isabella Alfaro, 7th Grade - 7:47 (Start of Summer: 7:51)
Ivan Westcott, 7th Grade - 5:49 (Start of Summer: 5:59)
Jack Brucher, 7th Grade - 6:50 (Last Summer: 7:03)
Jack Stillmunkes, 6th Grade - 7:10 (Start of Summer: 7:28)
Jackson Edwards, 7th Grade - 6:13 (Start of Summer: 6:27)
Jazmin Russell, 8th Grade - 6:37 (Start of Summer: 6:49)
Jonathan Aguado, 6th Grade - 7:04 (Start of Summer: 7:18)
Julia Green, 7th Grade - 7:21 (Start of Summer: 7:51)
Justin Jakstys, 6th Grade - 7:22 (Start of Summer: 7:32)
Kara Mangione, 7th Grade - 9:24 (Start of Summer: 10:00)
Katie Flack, 8th Grade - 8:39 (Start of Summer: 8:41)
Katie Stabile, 8th Grade - 8:04 (Start of Summer: 8:58)
Lauren Bell, 7th Grade - 7:55 (Start of Summer: 7:58)
Mady Klebenow, 8th Grade - 7:07 (Start of Summer: 7:45)
Maggie Hunter, 6th Grade - 7:32 (Start of Summer: 8:09)
Maggie Krider, 8th Grade - 7:49 (Start of Summer: 8:27)
Mark Mattson, 8th Grade - 6:03 (Start of Summer: 6:10)
Matt Angerame, 7th Grade - 6:18 (Start of Summer: 6:33)
Nicholas Gerakaris, 8th Grade - 6:18 (Last Summer: 6:34)
Nuria Pugh, 6th Grade - 7:58 (Start of Summer: 8:30)
Paige Loos, 7th Grade - 8:04 (Start of Summer: 9:11)
Peyton Tiseth, 8th Grade - 5:59 (Start of Summer: 6:11)
Peyton Bruck, 7th Grade - 7:53 (Start of Summer: 8:22)
Riley Hayes, 7th Grade - 6:42 (Start of Summer: 7:04)
Tim Peterson, 8th Grade - 8:35 (Start of Summer: 8:40)
Ty Skalnik, 8th Grade - 7:04 (Start of Summer: 7:10)
Tyler Black, 8th Grade - 6:59 (Start of Summer: 7:03)

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