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What is the 5K Club?

Yorkville's 5K Club is meant for elementary or middle school students who want to stay in shape over the winter. Club members can participate in 5K races (or races of any distance for that matter) during the winter, which can be used as a fun way to stay motivated to keep in shape. Club members will be listed on this page to make it easier to find a training partner. All you have to do to join is send an email to club@ymsrunning.com.

Benefits of Joining

Anyone who participates in the 5K Club will receive a certificate at the end of the winter detailing their accomplishments. Running with friends also makes the experience more fun, and it is much easier to keep to a training schedule when you have other people to push you. You don't actually have to run any of the 5K races, though. You can simply use the club as a way to find training partners over the winter if you'd like.

You can email club@ymsrunning.com whenever you complete a race over the winter to make sure your results are tallied, even if that race isn't listed below. You can also send pictures if you would like them posted on YMSXC social media.

Running Safety

Running in the winter can be dangerous if you don't take precautions, so 5K Club members should follow these tips:

  • Find a safe place to run. Try to avoid areas without sidewalks. If you are going on a run by yourself, tell someone where you are running and how long you plan to be gone.
  • Don't wear too many layers. You should wear these layers: (1) a layer on top to block the wind, (2) a moisture-wicking layer on the bottom, and (3) on very cold days a middle layer.
  • Always wear a hat and gloves on the coldest days.
  • Run on fresh snow and shorten your stride to lessen the chance of slipping.
  • Use a treadmill or an indoor track if the weather gets too bad.
  • Start by running into the wind to make the trip back easier.


FraidyCat 5K - Oswego
Sunday, October 30 at 9:30am
Pre-Registration by Oct. 16: $40
Day of Race: $50

Harvest Hustle - Yorkville
Saturday, November 5 at 9am
Pre-Registration by Oct. 27: $25
Day of Race: $30

Chili Chase - Yorkville
Sunday, November 20 at 8:30am
Pre-Registration by Nov. 17: $25 w/ Shirt, $20 w/o Shirt
Day of Race: $35 w/ Shirt, $30 w/o Shirt

Snowflake Shuffle - Geneva
Saturday, December 3 at 9am
Pre-Registration by Nov. 21: $25 (5K), $30 (10K)

Reindeer Run - Minooka

New Year's Day 5K - Lincoln Park, Chicago
Friday, January 1 at 11am
Pre-Registration by Nov. 15: $25
Pre-Registration by Dec. 28: $30 (Fun Run), $35 (Timed Run)
Day of Race: $35 (Fun Run), $40 (Timed Run)

Super Shuffle 5K - Geneva
Sunday, February 5

To join, send an email with your name and grade to club@ymsrunning.com and your name will be added to this list.


 5th/6th Grade

 Adam Klemm

7th Grade

Kylie Regas
Lindsey Burke 
Shannon Burke

8th Grade

Anna Titus
Helena Kleronomos
Sara Klemm